RighteousGIRLS – gathering blue

gathering blue, the debut album by New York-based RighteousGIRLS — flutist Gina Izzo and pianist Erika Dohi — features works by nine new music and jazz composers. This album seems less a collection of disparate works and more a cohesive experience, as the occasional interlude and the postlude help to thread each piece together.


The duo collaborates with other musicians on this disc, incorporating the sound of steel pan, trumpet, and drums. These partnerships further expand the sonic experience of the album.


The music itself is interesting to the ears; most of the works on this recording were either commissioned or adapted by the duo. Among the pieces there is improvisation, an open-form work, overdubbing, and prepared piano, all of which bring fresh sounds to the listener and variety to the overall album.

This is an adventurous album that succeeds. Learn more about RighteousGIRLS at their website www.RighteousGIRLS.com or Twitter @RighteousGIRLS.


gathering blue

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GIRLS – Pascal Le Boeuf
Accumulated Gestures (feat. Justin Brown) – Vijay Iyer
Anzu (feat. Ambrose Akinmusire) – Ambrose Akinmusire
Robe Threader (Interlude) – Pascal Le Boeuf
… nobody move… – Randy Woolf
non-poem 1 – Jonathan Ragonese
KARakurENAI (feat. Andy Akiho) – Andy Akiho
gathering blue (Interlude) – Pascal Le Boeuf
etca’rtnE – Pascal Le Boeuf and Mike Perdue
Entr’acte – Mike Perdue
For Milton – Christian Carey
Edge – Dave Molk

…Out Of The Blue (Postlude) – Pascal Le Boeuf