McBirnie – Grain of Sand

Grain of Sand represents the second collaboration between Canadian jazz flutist Bill McBirnie and multi-instrumentalist Bruce Jones. On this recording, Jones serves as composer, vocalist, performer, arranger, and engineer. They collaborate on original works, which range in style from ambient to bossa nova. Jones, who was raised in Brazil, brings this musical influence to his music, while combining it with other differing styles.

The process of creating the tracks on this album is an interesting one. Jones essentially writes, plays, and records each track; at that point, McBirnie enters the picture to overlay flute melodies based on Jones’ original conception. McBirnie then goes back and improvises over each track, as improvisation is an important element in his work. These tracks are then edited by Jones and McBirnie until they have a finished product.

McBirnie’s solid technique is evident throughout this album, and he is clearly an experienced improviser, as he makes it sound easy. His tone is warm and round and lends itself well to this style. For more information about his work, visit

Extreme Flute, EF07

Bill McBirnie – flute, alto flute, piccolo
Bruce Jones – guitar, vocals, percussion, synths

Grain of Sand (Grão de Areia)
fado, bossa nova
Se Eu Fico Com Você (If I Stay With You)
hip-hop, samba, rock
Quando A Chuva Cai (As the Rain Falls)
Izabel (Isabel)
bossa nova
Lembrando Paul Horn (Remembering Paul Horn)
Breque Trio a Trêz (Break Samba Trio for Three)
samba de breque
Carnaval Blue (Blue Carnival)
funk, samba
Vai Bem Devagar (Proceed with Caution)
6/8 bossa
Cê Tá Com Tudo (You Are Everything)
samba, rock
A Ponte Para Carlton (The Carlton Bridge)
6/8 afro brasil
Na Quinta Esquina (On the Fifth Corner)
Motel Cê Que Sabe (…Who Knows Motel…)
flowing samba
Com ou Sem Você, Meu Amor (With or Without You, My Love)
hip-hop samba
Grão de Areia (Grain of Sand)