Osner – Unbound

In this collection, Elise Osner presents us with a lovely collection of music for Native American flute that she composed herself; she states in her liner notes that this music is “often received as a gift rather than created.” She further explains that much of the music has come from the beach or the mountains. Osner performs on three different instruments: an E flute made of cherry wood, a D flute made of cedar wood, and an F-sharp flute made of padauk wood.

The pieces are peaceful, and some of them feature nature sounds. The impressions of nature are apparent throughout the album, including the ocean and its creatures, meadows, birds, and dragonflies. Overall, this is an enchanting album that would make an excellent addition to your collection.


Elise Osner, Native American flutes

The Spirit’s Call
Whale Song
Meadow Music
The Willow’s Song
With Eagles
Waterfall #1
E Flute Improvisation
Duet with Warbler
Waterfall and Waves
Song of the Peace Pact
Walking by Water
Blessing Song