Massey – The Elements

Angela Massey, who works as an orchestral musician, solo artist, chamber musician, and instructor, is currently based in New York City. On this album, The Elements, Massey has chosen to include works that relate to the classical elements of earth, water, wind, and fire. The works are generally modern, and many American composers are featured. There are some works from the standard repertoire as well as some that might be less familiar to the listener.

Of particular interest are Dorff’s April Whirlwind and Clarke’s Orange Dawn, which are well-served by Massey’s capable technique and consistent tone quality. The ensemble between Massey and Sargsyan, the pianist, is quite good. As most of the works on this recording include piano, the listener has ample opportunity to enjoy this pairing.

The final work on this album, Schnyder’s The Four Elements, does a nice job of summing up the overarching theme of earth, water, wind, and fire.

The Elements

Angela Massey, flute
Vahan Sargsyan, piano

Joseph Schwantner – Black Anemones

Jean-Michel Damase – Paysages

  1. Andantino
  2. Allegro
  • Allegro moderato
  1. Allegretto moderato
  2. Molto moderato
  3. Allegro giocoso
  • Vivace energico
  • Allegretto tranquillo
  1. Andante

Katherine Hoover – Reflections

Robert Beaser – The Old Men Admiring Themselves in the Water

Shulamit Ran – East Wind

Daniel Dorff – April Whirlwind

Ian Clarke – Orange Dawn

Daniel Schnyder – The Four Elements

  1. Earth/Gaia
  2. Kyklos Aquae
  • Aulos

Il Fuoco/’Feuertanz’