Bledsoe – Ghost Icebreaker

Ghost Icebreaker is a collaboration between flutist Helen Bledsoe (of Ensemble Musikfabrik based in Cologne) and St. Petersburg pianist Alexey Lapin. This album is remarkable in that it features both instruments in free improvisation. However, this is not jazz improvisation as many might expect.

There are some surreal moments on this recording, which are partially created through expertly-executed extended techniques and a variety of tone colors by Bledsoe. It is apparent that she and Lapin are long-time collaborators (for a decade, in fact), as it is easy to hear the conversation between them during these interactive improvisations.

Overall, this is a fascinating album, full of interesting, contemporary sounds in the context of the traditional flute/piano duo. The improvisational aspect of this recording highlights an additional layer of creativity. Learn more about Bledsoe and her work at

Ghost Icebreaker
CD LR 704
Leo Records

Helen Bledsoe, flute
Alexey Lapin, piano

The Rising Star of the Falling Sky
Ghost Icebreaker
White Oranges
December (One Man’s Day Is Another Man’s Dusk)
Into Thin Air

Music by Helen Bledsoe and Alexey Lapin