Gori – The Electric Flute

The Electric Flute (MGMusic 01)

Michele Gori, flutes, effects, loop station

Beat 70 – P. Metheny
Danse de la Chèvre – A. Honegger
Just Blues – M. Gori
Summertime – G. Gershwin
Pièce – J. Ibert
N⁰24 – M. Gori
Château Rouge – M. Gori
Highway – M. Gori
xniryS – M. Gori


Michele Gori’s The Electric Flute uses various electronic means to create an album full of variety. It is an excellent example of how the loop station offers many possibilities for layering both in the context of a recorded album as well as in real time during a recital performance. Looping also allows the performer the ability to perform live on multiple instruments. In this case, Gori introduces all members of the flute family after establishing the sound of the previous one on a loop. He essentially performs as a small flute ensemble through this technology.

The album’s first track, Beat 70, perfectly exemplifies Gori’s goal of mixing flute with electronics. Gori includes a jazz standard, Summertime, as well as some of his own jazz-inspired original compositions. In particular, Gori’s Just Blues shows how he incorporates piccolo, flute, alto flute, and bass flute performed by one player.

Gori has put a new spin on some of the standards of the flute repertoire, including Honegger’s Danse de la Chèvre and Ibert’s Pièce. He adds an electronic layer to give each of these works a new sound. Finally, he disassembles Debussy’s Syrinx and rebuilds it backwards to celebrate his “admiration of its great originality.” This work is particularly intriguing. It retains the character of the work and is recognizable as such but still sounds like a newly-composed piece.

Overall, this album is very well done. It provides variety in the repertoire choices that will appeal to those that like jazz, classical, or both styles. However, the application of electronic effects acts as a common thread throughout the album and illustrates how versatile the modern flutist can be.