Clark – SoundTracked

Stephen Clark, flute

Los Angeles Screen Orchestra and Chorus

Album Title: SoundTracked

Album Label:  Voyage Records


Pirates of the Caribbean (He’s A Pirate) – Hans Zimmer

Lord of the Rings (In Dreams) – Howard Shore
The Bourne Identity (Main Theme) – John Powell

Ladies in Lavender (Main Theme) – Nigel Hess

Braveheart (For the Love of a Princess/Freedom) – James Horner

James Bond (Main Theme) – Monty Norman

Out of Africa (Main Theme) – John Barry

Forrest Gump (Feather Theme) – Alan Silvestri

Flying Themes (Return to Neverland from Hook/Fawkes the Phoenix from Harry Potter and the Chamber 
 of Secrets/Flying Theme from E.T./Main Theme from Superman/Main Theme from Star Wars) – 
 John Williams

Gladiator (Now We Are Free) – Hans Zimmer
Stephen Clark’s second solo album, SoundTracked, is a fun collection of arrangements of film music for flute. The selections, which were arranged and orchestrated by Adam Gubman, represent a wide range of movies. Older titles, such as Out of Africa, are included along with newer selections, such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings. There is also a variety of moods represented throughout these selections, which keeps the listener engaged and really makes the recording seem over much too soon.

One of the more interesting arrangements weaves together “flying themes” from a variety of movies: Hook, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, E.T., Superman, and Star Wars. It’s a clever compilation of music sharing a common theme, and the seamless transition from one tune to the next makes it seem natural.

The highlight of the disc, however, is Clark’s exquisite playing. He is a fantastically talented performer, able to carry a beautiful lyrical line and execute highly technical passages in a seemingly-effortless manner. His tone is rich and warm and is always a pleasure to hear.
Overall, this is a fun album for the movie aficionado-flutist. It would also be a great recording for younger flute students, who might be inspired by some music beyond their typical experience with band, method books, and traditional solo flute literature.