Flute Trials, continued

I continue to look for a new flute. A colleague in the area has a very nice Burkart that she is not playing as much as she would like, so I tried it out for a while. It’s a beautiful instrument and has a gold headjoint. I don’t have the specifications available for this one, but it seems heavier than the flute I’m currently playing. In fact, I started to feel some strain on my wrists the further into the trial I got. It feels like a heavier wall, and it features an¬†offset G, C-sharp trill, and a D-sharp roller. I enjoyed the C-sharp trill but am not sure if I will eventually buy a flute with it. I use the lever key next to it so often that I’m afraid I will catch the C-sharp trill too many times when I’m aiming for the lever. Overall, it’s a fantastic instrument but a little too heavy for me. The search continues…