Deborah Lee Yates – Warrior Queen

Warrior Queen Performed by Deborah Lee Yates
Elegant Dragon
Iceni Queen
Joshua Tree Windsong
Waka Wahine
Stripes of a Different Jaguar
Fields of Lament and Promises
Snake Lady Warrior

On this concept album, Deborah Lee Yates sets out to take us on a journey celebrating the feminine. Each track was written by Yates and celebrates a different female warrior throughout the world and in different eras. Locations represented include China, ancient Britain, Native America, New Zealand, Syria, India, and Guatemala. Each track is also tinged with a different musical flavor depending on which culture is being celebrated. Yates performs on an impressive number of flutes for this album, including the C flute, piccolo, Native American flute, New Zealand bone flute, New Zealand conch flute, and Peruvian quena. She is joined by several other musicians on instruments such as bass, guitar, banjo, harp, percussion, oboe, English horn, and cello; each track has its own unique sound, reflecting the distinctive qualities of each woman.

The women who inspired this album include Fu Hao, military leader and high priestess; Boudicca, ruler and war leader; Lozen, warrior, shaman, and sage; Wairaka, leader of her people; Zenobia, queen and war leader; Razia, sultana and politician; and Lady K’abel, queen and military governor. Liner notes provide details about each of these women.

Flutists interested in history or learning more about powerful women across the ages will certainly enjoy taking a listen to this album.
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